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After launching FullStory 4, our brand new dashboard and OmniSearch interface, customers naturally had questions about the new functionality. But one we weren’t expecting was a question about the humble notification icon, a li’l lightning bolt in the corner of the screen that allowed users to opt in to FS4 (thus leaving behind the old Version 3).

It came in the form of a tweet:

We love these kinds of questions because this is exactly what FullStory was made to do! Yes, you heard that correctly. We designed FullStory to answer questions of all types, not solely to replay user sessions.

(Session replay is a really awesome aspect of FullStory, but what makes FullStory truly magical is the insane wealth of experience data and all the ways you can search and manipulate it.)

Aaaaanyway, in roughly 5 minutes I was able to build a funnel that answered David’s question to a T, and reply to his tweet with good ol’ data.

Here’s how I did it.

Event 1: People who didn’t opt in to FullStory 4 when we launched it

On launch day, we added a page takeover for existing customers as soon as they logged in or opened FullStory, giving them the option to enable FullStory 4 or continue using the app as it has existed up until now. The button options were “Turn it on” and “Maybe later.” So, for step one, I simply typed the button text “Maybe later” directly into OmniSearch (obviously everyone here is using FS4).

OmniSearch suggested the option I wanted, so I simply selected it and hit enter to add it to my search.

So, now I had a segment with all the people who didn’t opt in right away to FullStory 4.

Event 2: People who interacted with the lightning bolt icon.

Next, I wanted to know how many people — who had initially opted out — interacted with the lightening bolt icon. This button doesn’t have any text on it, so I used a CSS selector search.

All I needed to do was start typing the CSS selector into OmniSearch and select the correct option to add it to my existing search. (I knew the string had “beta” in it somewhere, but if you don’t know the CSS selectors to your buttons you can use Inspect Mode to quickly find them.)

Clicking the above resulted in the search below:

Event 3: People who later enabled FullStory 4.

Finally, I wanted people who then enabled FullStory 4. I know that button does have text so I began typing “enable” and checked out my OmniSearch suggestions.

Apparently we use “enable” around the site in various forms, so I had to click More Engagement suggestions to see a longer list of events matching my search.

The “Enable FullStory 4” button text was right there waiting for me, and voila! My funnel was complete. Three easy steps that required no assistance from an engineer, no prior event instrumentation and no special knowledge at all. Anyone on any team could have hopped into FullStory and gotten this information for our friend Dave.

Here's the combined search I had created:

And based on the search results in FullStory, here is the funnel:

Looks like our conversion rate has improved since we initially answered Dave’s question. Sweet!

Questions? Answered.

So, what questions have you been answering with FullStory 4? We’d love to hear from you!