Imagine you’re happily engaging with a web app and want to engage further when you (suddenly!) find yourself staring down a form.


You strengthen your resolve and start filling in the requisite info — and send up a silent prayer to the browser gods for auto-complete to appear. A few form fields in your angst catches up to you. Do I really want to submit this form? Why are they asking for [whatever]? 🤔

Whether it’s the pause that refreshes  — or the pause that causes you to abandon the form completely — we all struggle with forms. So why not work towards making the Internet more perfect and improve your forms with FullStory?

Good form starts with empathy.

Reducing form abandonment starts with empathy: you need to understand what’s driving your users to give up and abandon your form. To further that objective, we’ve just released a new search modifier in FullStory that allows you to search for sessions where users abandon forms.

Introducing Form Abandonment on FullStory.

Now if you want to find (and watch!) user sessions of form abandoners, you need only jump into the Search box and start typing “form” or “abandoned.”

Or you’ll find it under “FRICTION” in the dropdown search box.

Voila! You get a list of all the sessions in the time frame indicated where users abandoned forms! Replay these sessions discover why users struggle to complete your forms.

For more advanced uses, there’s a good chance your site has many forms and perhaps you want to focus your form abandonment analysis further. Do this by jumping into an “abandoned form” session and looking to the events bar for the highlighted “Abandoned form” event. You’ll find there the unique CSS selector for the abandoned form in question. You can add that to the search and refine your list further.

Additionally, you can also focus your search by URL so you can focus on the login page for example, or a specific sign up page.

See why users abandon your form with FullStory!

Now you can easily pull and watch sessions when forms get abandoned, and in the process, get that user empathy — and clarity as to why your users aren’t submitting your form.

If you’d like to know a bit more about Abandoned Forms on FullStory, you can find it in our Guide to Understanding Frustrating User Experiences under Frustration Signals. Additionally, you can hop over to our knowledge base article on Form Abandonment.

What are you waiting for? Go to FullStory and start building better forms!