Hard to believe there were only 35 of us when we moved into our current office two and a half years ago. Today, we’re 160 strong with plans to end the year at close to 250 FullStory employees. Needless to say, we need more room.

Thankfully, in about a month, FullStory will be moving headquarters to a brand new space. Here's a video preview of the work in progress:

We’ll show you the “after” in a few weeks.

How We Put Heart 💗 Into FullStory's New Home

What's "in store" at our new HQ? When we started to think about our new office, we asked ourselves, what kind of space enables people to do the things they love to do? People have different working styles, so we wanted to create an atmosphere that allows employees to work in the ways they work best.

That’s why our new office was designed with three guiding principles.

1. Space to Crank

There are times when you just want to get stuff done. That’s why we’ve built out dozens of what we’re calling “nooks and crannies,” private spaces for employees to go when they want to get work done—or just need some quiet.

We also added “project rooms” for cross-functional teams to book for weeks at a time so they can sit together and work collaboratively around a discrete project or deadline.

2. Moments of Serendipity

Of course, an office is intrinsically social. We wanted common areas where groups can cluster for casual and serendipitous conversations. Those conversations are where ideas pollinate, connections are made, and people find their energy. That’s why our office has a central open space with soaring ceilings as well as lots of smaller lounge areas for people to gather.

3. Playfulness Throughout

Finally, while we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We wanted that to come through in the new office design, too.

  • The space used to be a supermarket and has a freight elevator? Great. Let’s turn it into a moving conference room.
  • Game room to blow off some steam? Check! We’ve even made certain to soundproof it in case that ping pong game gets a bit intense.
  • And with a nostalgic nod to the 1970s, we’ve even got a two-story huddle structure already dubbed "Hollywood Squares."
  • Plus a few other surprises you'll just have to see for yourself.

FullStory HQ4 will be full of character and we can't wait to make it our home in just a few more weeks!

Saying Goodbye to FullStory HQ3 👋

We can't leave without saying "goodbye" to our lofty space in Armour Yards. HQ3 was a wonderful place—where the cranks of our coffee grinder reverberated off the walls, a sort-of siren proclaiming imminent caffeination.

Goodbye FS HQ3! Thanks for the memories!

Above, a before and after view of a part of FullStory HQ3. In just that far off corner there were only 4 desks in April 2017—today there are 20.