We keep pushing to do more of the heavy-lifting — surfacing the insights you need to improve your web apps so you don’t have to.

To that end, we just released two new Searchies[1]: the Error Clicks Searchie and the Top Users Searchie.

For the unfamiliar, Searchies are what we call those search-sensitive charts and graphs that get auto-created in FullStory and sit below your list of user sessions:

From this screenshot of FullStory 4, you can see Searchies (the cards below the list of user sessions). Searchies are search-sensitive charts and graphs that auto-generate based on whatever segment of users you’re looking at, only appearing when they have useful information to display.

The first Searchie we’d like to talk about is the Error Clicks Searchie. This Searchie appears when the segment you search on has at least four different elements that are causing errors and then ranks them by frequency.

What the Error clicks Searchie looks like for our demo site Fruitshoppe.

The Error Clicks Searchie should act like a screenshot-able beacon that can be used by engineers to triage bug-fixes.

Error Clicks Searchies will display automatically whenever they are relevant. If you’re curious what errors are screaming for your attention, go login to FullStory and check out this Searchie now.

(If you want to read more on the Error Clicks Searchie, this knowledge base article goes into more detail. If you’re now wondering about all the other Searchies and want to nerd out, you might check out this helpful Searchies overview.)

  1. Searchies are those search-sensitive charts and graphs below the list of sessions in the FullStory app. ↩︎