We’ve done it again! That’s right, we’ve come up with yet another catchy, soon-to-be-trending name for a software feature. Move over, Rage Clicks, here comes…

FullStory TV.

FullStory TV.

“But what is FSTV,” you ask as you nearly fall out of your chair from sitting too close to the edge of it?

One of the most asked-for features in FullStory history, FSTV allows you to autoplay an entire segment’s worth of sessions, back to back, automatically, without having to navigate to the session list in between each session replay.

Why do I want FSTV?

You might want to broadcast the Everyone segment to a TV in your office. Living the customer’s experience, unfiltered, will inspire (or horrify, but either way, definitely motivate) everyone in the organization who works towards perfecting your product.

You might want to watch through the first few pages of a segment for research purposes, such as customers who signed up today, or customers who haven’t been seen for over 7 days.

You might even be Game Filming with your team, sitting in front of the screen with a bucket of popcorn, grading your customer experience with wins and winces. You wouldn’t want to click back and forth between the session list and playback mode with buttery popcorn hands.

Whatever the need, FullStory TV is here for you, like a warm blanket and a mug of hot cocoa to soothe your weary mouse-clicking finger.

How does FSTV work?

Once enabled, FSTV auto-plays the next clip or session from your search results when you reach the end of your current playback. Note that when viewing a User Scope search segment, FSTV will only play the first matching session for each user that met the search criteria.

You can still pause, share notes, and use Inspect Mode while using FSTV. But now you won’t have to navigate back and forth between session playback and search results.

To start using FullStory TV, simply:

  1. Click on the first clip or session icon in your search results
  2. Scroll to the FSTV controller at the bottom of the events list
  3. Toggle Autoplay to On

Questions? Concerns? Praise for the FullStory dev team?

Lay it on us at hugs@fullstory.com, or on Twitter @fullstory. We love to hear how our customers are using new features, or if you have any suggestions to make FullStory work even better for you!