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Introducing Webhooks in FullStory: Go From DX Data to Action in Real Time

With FullStory's webhooks, you can turn digital experience insights into timely notifications to take action—saving your business from lost sales and unhappy customers....

Hanna Woodburn on

Now You Can Star Your Segments in FullStory

Organize and access your most important cohorts of user sessions easily in FullStory with Starred Segments....

Tommy Noonan on

Improve Your Digital Experience With Qualtrics and FullStory

FullStory’s partnership with Qualtrics will make it easy for companies to seamlessly combine qualitative customer feedback with robust, digital experience data....

Amy Ellis on

Tips and Tricks

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3 Ways to Boost Conversion Rates in Complex Funnels

Improving the digital customer experience at key micro-conversion moments can lead to increased revenue, better retention, and improved customer loyalty....

Melanie Crissey on

Treat UX Issues Like the Bugs They Are

Whether you run a SaaS app or manage a critical part of an eCommerce site, you can follow these 6 steps to solve UX bugs....

Melanie Crissey on

How Many Sessions Do I Actually Need to Watch?

You've got FullStory, but how many sessions do you really need to watch? Whether you've recorded 1000s of sessions—or millions—this method will focus your efforts and save you time....

Colby Stilwell on

FullStory Culture

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How We Simulate the Queue to Hire Right for Customer Support

You want to hire the best in customer support but need a way to test their mettle where it counts: in the queue. We built a simulation to do just that!...

Kailee Urban on

Empathy, Clarity, Bionics: The FullStory Watchwords

Empathy, Clarity, and Bionics—we call on these watchwords to shape our culture at FullStory and guide how we work. We believe these concepts form the right basis for interacting with customers and each other....

Bruce Johnson on

3 Steps To Build Bionics at Your Company

What's bionics at FullStory? It's deploying technology and efficient workflows to amplify the power of your workforce, leading to happier employees. Here's how you start....

Jaclyn Spangler on


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The Map Is Not the Territory for Digital Product Experiences

What do maps have to do with digital product analytics? With growing products and complex metrics to monitor, it's easy to lose sight of the territory—if you're not paying attention....

Justin Owings on

Presenting the Amazing Analytics Theater

The purpose of analysis is to distill complexity into actionable insights. Only, what happens when "insights" take the form of graphs and metrics that signal insight while being devoid of meaning or use?...

Justin Owings on

Do User Metrics Make You Heartless?

It's hard not to love a chart that goes up and to the right, yet our love of aggregated metrics can blind us to the individual users who comprise them. The most actionable analytics pay attention to human scale—empathy for the individual....

Bruce Johnson on

Customer Experience

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Elevate your digital customer support experience with the Modern Support Stack

Best-in-class solutions across eight technology categories make up the Modern Customer Support Stack....

Natasha Wahid on

64 Stats to Build a Business Case for Better Digital Experience

Better digital experience often requires organizational change. How do you get buy-in for the changes you need to enact? Start by linking DX to business impact....

Natasha Wahid on

What digital experience leaders do differently: Findings from the State of Digital Experience 2020

New original research reveals what digital experience leaders do differently and provides a roadmap to increase your digital experience maturity....

Natasha Wahid on

Latest Posts

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FullStory delivers 411% ROI to an enterprise retailer according to a new Total Economic Impact study

How an enterprise retailer that deploys FullStory's digital experience analytics platform saw ROI of 411% and payback in under three months....

Natasha Wahid on

Digital or bust: CEO at digital-first brand, Pirate Ship, on the future of commerce

In part III of our series on digital transformation, Bjorn Borstelmann, CEO at Pirate Ship, shares digital lessons learned and his perspective on the future of commerce....

Natasha Wahid on

How organizational culture supports digital transformation: Insights from Moosejaw’s CTO

In part II of our series on digital transformation, Moosejaw's CTO discusses digital strategy, fostering innovation, and the importance of C-level support....

Natasha Wahid on

How to do digital transformation: Insights from a leading digital consultancy

What does the term 'digital transformation' actually mean—and how do you do it? In a 3-part series, experts weigh in on how lay a strategic foundation for digital transformation success....

Natasha Wahid on

FullStory's First Virtual DERP

When it comes to fostering togetherness in a remote world, we're getting creative. Read how we pulled off our first ever virtual DERP....

Rebecca Gonzalez on

Simplify search and easily customize your FullStory experience with Defined Events

Defined Events are a new FullStory feature that allow FullStory users to quickly and easily assign custom names to key data points right from the user interface....

Madison Eubanks on