Good product development is an iterative process. It’s easy to focus on “the big new features” in “the next version”, but it’s often true that little, useful details can be at least as important as the big stuff. Rory Sutherland explains the point beautifully in Sweat the Small Stuff, and it’s not an exaggeration to say the FullStory team are aspiring disciples of his philosophy.

In the latest version of FullStory, we tried to do a blend of both big and small changes. We’ve talked about the big stuff, but there are several easy-to-miss little improvements, too. For example, we added an often-requested feature that speeds up playback. Click the ‘1x’ button to breeze through recording sessions at a faster pace, slowing down and stopping at key moments.

Coupled with the Skipping Inactivity button, which allows you to skip periods when a user is inactive, you’ll be getting more feedback in the same amount of time. You know your product well enough to spot when things are going cattywampus, even at a high speed.

Beyond speed, we’re also making it easier to understand how and when important events happen. I already wrote about Javascript console error notifications, and we can also help you pinpoint those errors to a particular moment in time. Simply click the timer at the bottom of any session, and see the localized date/time appear.

One final touch worth pointing out: user cards now show where people are coming from, giving you additional context about your users that can help increase the odds you’ll better serve them. It’s a nice complement to the other useful information such as total time in your product, average session length, etc.


We’re always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives a little better. If you have thoughts about how we can create a better product experience, even on the small stuff, drop us a line at