Everybody looooves talking about “scale” these days. But how do you scale “genuinely giving a crap about your customers”? We recently asked ourselves that hard question here at FullStory.

Our answer: build a team of Huggers.

What is a FullStory Hugger? Think about every awful customer experience you’ve ever had. It feels like you’re alone against a cold, greedy, uncaring company. And your experience is always the precise opposite of what you wanted: you have to call when you’d rather do it online, and when you actually do need to talk to a human, they send you to their (horrible) website instead. rage! Rage!! RAGE!!!

Huggers exist to ensure that FullStory will never feel like that kind of company.

We had visions of Arya (hopefully you watch Game of Thrones[1]) having finally reached the House of Black and White only to be stranded on the front steps with the doors locked shut. If Arya were a FullStory customer, a Hugger would come streaking in from stage left to kick down the door. No customer of ours should have to wait around for an aloof faceless man to let them in.

Watch out Arya, we’re gonna get you into that damn house! A girl is ready.

A Hugger’s number one job is to be on your side. Every. Single. Time. We are your unwavering champions. We feel perfectly comfortable throwing chairs and turning over tables at product meetings to demand that the voice of customers — your voice — is always heard, regardless of “existing roadmaps” and “business priorities” that aren’t actually moving your top priorities forward.

My business card says “Hugger” on it. And, yes, I get funny looks. But it creates opportunities to explain that being a Hugger is an amazing new kind of job that mixes product management, consulting, marketing, communications, support, DevOps, account management, and — when you need me to — deranged mad woman that puts even the CEO in his place with impunity.

Now that you know my secret fury on the inside, hopefully the title Hugger will reassure you that I’m really quite approachable. I’m your ally and spokesperson within FullStory, so drop me a line if you need any chairs thrown on your behalf or if you’d just like to have a nice, calm chat about your customer experience over a cup of tea.

Until then, hugs (and ninja kicks).

Jaclyn, FullStory Hugger

  1. If you do, we have a lot of crazy theories to discuss regarding the end of Season 5. Intra-office opinions are getting stale… ↩︎