At FullStory we capture all the user interactions on your website or web app and intelligently mine that data for insights. Our objective is to proactively surface the knowledge you need to serve your users and improve your customer experience.

Our search-sensitive charts and graphs — a.k.a. Searchies — are one way we’re going about doing this. If you’re a FullStory user, you’ve probably already put Searchies to work. You see them every time you login:

From this screenshot of FullStory, you can see Searchies (the cards below the list of user sessions). Searchies are search-sensitive charts and graphs that auto-generate based on whatever segment of users you’re looking at, only appearing when they have useful information to display.

We just launched two new Searchies: one is the Error Clicks Searchie and the other one we’re covering here is the Top Users (by total sessions) Searchie. The Top Users Searchie tells you which users are blowing up your site — the addicts who just can’t get enough!

Even as the Top Users Searchie is fascinating when looked at across your entire website, since FullStory lets you search and create new segments on the fly, you can see who the Top Users are for any subset of users, as well. Just search, segment, and see who rises to the top.

Beyond just knowing who your most active users are, Top Users is an instant focus group for researching the behaviors exhibited by users who “know their way around.” How do top users differ from your newest users? How do your identified (account-holding) customers act as compared to new, anonymous users? Watch the sessions, take some notes, and learn!

If you’re eager to see who’s on top for your website or app, you know what to do!

Learn more about the Top Users by total sessions Searchie via this Knowledge Base article. Also, if you’re now wondering about all the other Searchies and want to nerd out, you might check out this helpful Searchies overview.