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The Jobs to Be Done Framework

Clayton Christensen's Jobs to Be Done framework re-frames product development and marketing discussions around paying attention to customer needs instead of pushing whiz-bang features and campaigns.

How Farmstead Used FullStory to 20X Their Conversion Rate

Our latest use-case comes from Farmstead, a same-day, farm-to-fridge grocery delivery service currently live in the Bay Area. Farmstead, which operates as a subscription service, found that if shoppers would...

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What is Session Replay Useful For?

Note: Though you might have clicked or been tempted to click the “Play” button above, it’s not a play button. Sometimes graphics like...

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Marketing and the Jobs to Be Done Framework

Clayton Christensen’s Jobs to Be Done framework reorients how we think about products and services. He moves us away from marketing whizbang features...

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Clayton Christensen's Jobs to be Done Framework and Product Development

How Clayton Christensen’s theory — that people have jobs they need done and (basically) hire products to do those jobs — drives product development by solving for customer needs, wants, and problems....

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