The feeling of building something great is exhilarating. However, where digital products are concerned, the bar for greatness is considerably high: the product must be fast, easy to use, work on all browser and device types, and solve a real problem. To meet these requirements, most digital product teams spend time, money, and effort cobbling together tools, each tackling a different problem, to form something resembling an integrated technology stack.

Alternatively, some turn to “all-in-one” product suites only to discover the Swiss Army knife they were promised looks more like Swiss cheese—a solution with holes too big for its intended use.

Certainly there’s a better way.

Today, FullStory joins seven other technology providers—Optimizely, Contentful, Tealium, AWS, Amplitude, Atlassian, and New Relic—to launch the Digital Experience Stack, an alliance of technologies all working together to help teams build great online experiences.

Revolutionizing the Digital Product Development Process

The Digital Experience Stack highlights our commitment to forge strong, well-supported integrations—the kind that help your team build a tech stack through which data freely flows. We’ll also highlight innovative ways industry-leading companies combine these technologies to build their products.

This alliance is just the beginning of our plan to revolutionize the product development process for your digital team. In the coming months, we'll provide more updates and information on how you can save time, resources, and headaches. In the meantime, you can take advantage of our existing integrations with Optimizely, Tealium, and Atlassian (JIRA).

In time, the Digital Experience Stack will facilitate easy integration between technologies and obviate the need for legacy product suites that don’t meet your team’s needs. We’re excited to be part of the tech stack of the future!