👋 Fall 2018 Update: Alas, the Thumb Feedback experiment is over! Thanks everyone who gave it a test!

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Feedback is a gift. Yet when it comes to the web, getting feedback from customers—or giving it to websites—is a huge burden.

Have you ever been on a website and something starts going terribly wrong? You groan. What can you do? You've got no time to hunt down customer support. You don't want to chat. If only you had a dead simple way to signal that something is broken. But you don't, so what do you do? You don't send that feedback. Who has the time?

On the flipside, for those of us who care about the customer experience online, that moment of brokenness or frustration goes unnoticed, uncaptured, and unfixed.

It's time we stop making our broken websites and janky apps our customer's problem.

Might there be a solution? We've begun an experiment we call Get Thumb Feedback. You've likely noticed it already—Get Thumb Feedback is the tantalizing button at the bottom right of the screen. See it?

What has two thumbs and likes to be clicked? This guy!

Hover over the Get Thumb Feedback button, and if you like, click (or tap) those thumbs up or down as you see fit. Click them enough and you're in for a surprise ...

Get Thumb Feedback is dead simple customer experience feedback.

Get Thumb Feedback is designed to be a quick, effective way for your users to raise a flag and say, "Hey this sucks," or in the case of unusual customer delight, "Hey this is awesome!" It's aimed squarely at solving the problem of feedback—both for well-meaning but often pushy and invariably broken websites, and for users, who shouldn't have to work hard just to tell you how to make your site or app better.

With no feedback forms to push, customers can tap thumbs up or thumbs down to the degree of their delight—or frustration. The button is there for customers to use whenever they choose.

On the back-end, a clear signal about the customer experience gets automatically attached to their session recording in FullStory, where it is indexed and searchable.

How does it work?

It's a little early to go into all the scintillating details. Suffice to say that if the experiment is a success, we hope to make Get Thumb Feedback available to FullStory customers.

Candidly, we get very excited imagining FullStory users searching their session recordings for Get Thumb signals in order to discover when, where, and why your customers are getting frustrated—or delighted.

But for now, it's only an experiment.

Thumb experiment.

To see if Get Thumb Feedback works, we'd appreciate your help. As you use the FullStory App or read the blog, if you happen to think about it, signal how your experience is going. Take the Get Thumb Feedback widget for a spin.

We'll be looking to see how those signals correlate to your experience so that we can make that experience better in the future. If you have specific thoughts, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

Your interactions will help us determine if Get Thumb Feedback actually works. The last thing we want is to add more brokenness to the customer experience.

Would you want Thumb feedback?

If you're intrigued by Get Thumb Feedback and might be interested in trying it out, submit your email below to be the first in line to learn more. We expect FullStory customers will have a chance to try it before the end of the year.

👋 Fall 2018 Update: Alas, the Thumb Feedback experiment is over! Thanks everyone who gave it a test!

Header graphic adapted from photo by Krishnamurthy CC 2.0