At long last, today we are thrilled to bring Segments to FullStory. As you may have discovered, FullStory’s search-everything approach has been a super-powerful way to quickly gather usage metrics and identify interesting sessions. (Note: if you haven’t played with search yet, click the magnifying glass in the upper-right of FullStory and hold onto your hat.) Unfortunately, up until today, once you built a specific search query there was nowhere to save it. Well, we’ve fixed all that!

In FullStory’s main nav you’ll see a new top-level item named Segments. There you’ll have one-click access to the groups of users you and your team are most interested in understanding. And you’ll notice that we’ve included a few segments to get you started:

  • Signed-up users. This segment shows you — yep, you guessed it — all of your signed-up customers (that have appeared since you installed the script). And yes, this segment exposes for the first time a much-requested search criterion that allows you to filter out anonymous users. Rejoice!
  • 30-day actives. This segment is built upon a common metric to help you keep tabs on your most engaged logged-in users.
  • New users this week. See how people interact with your website for the very first time.
  • Mobile users. Watch the unique patterns and behaviors customers take when on a mobile device.

Go build your own!

Defining a segment is super simple. With Search open in FullStory you’ll notice a button labeled “Save as Segment”. Click it when you’ve narrowed your list of users to the desired set. For example, this morning I created a segment named “People who discovered Segments” to give the team quick access to watch and understand how you guys are engaging with the new feature (so far so good).

Lastly, there is a Team Segments area, where you can explore the segments created by your teammates. Also, segment URLs are sharable with other FullStory users.

Of course, this release is only the first step of a big arc of work for us. We can’t wait to show you more of the FullStory. But in the meantime, please don’t stop sending us your valuable feedback. Thank you!

Go try Segments now ›